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Goddess Una

Goddess Una. Geanina Grigore
Goddess Una. Geanina Grigore

Una, or Oona, as she is sometimes known, is the beautiful High Queen of the Daoine Sídhe in Ireland, the fairy queen of Munster in the southwest, the province of music and song. She has golden hair so long it trails upon the ground and she flies through the earth wearing a gown of silver gossamer with dewdrops that glitter like diamonds. Other fairy queens such as Ainé and Cliodna pay tribute to her. Una was invoked as a goddess of love and young animals, and was particularly benevolent to mortals as one of the light fae. Her beauty was such that men were said to be rendered speechless before her.

Living in the great hill of Knockshegowna (Cnoc Sídhe Úna or the Fairy Mound of Una) in Tipperary, Una married the powerful fairy king Finvarra of Connacht, the western province of wisdom, and the two ruled over all the fairies of Ireland. However, Finvarra was notoriously unfaithful, seducing human women with his magic music and then stealing them away from the mortal world. What Una thought of this or how she reacted is unrecorded, but it seems that, unlike other fairy queens, Una remained faithful and did not take other lovers besides her husband. Nevertheless, she had powerful abilities of shape-shifting, glamour and illusion, and she could be fierce. One story about her tells how she so terrified a farmer and his cattle when they dared to trample upon her hill that the farmer dared not stay there and instead hired a boastful drunken piper to tend his flock. Una subsequently tested the courage of the piper by transforming herself into a white calf and, with the piper on her back, made a single ten-mile leap to the shores of the Shannon River.

Una appears in Fata Morgana Book I

Read the first chapter here.

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