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  • Jo-Anne Blanco

Inspiration for the Names of my Main Characters.

I thought I'd share some background about my series and the inspiration behind it this week.

Q. How did you come up with the names of your main characters?

Many or most of my main characters already exist in history, folklore and legend, although in the Fata Morgana Series they will turn out to be very different from the ones people have heard of or thought they knew. These are entirely new twists on these characters – nothing will be what it seems or what you expect, which is a great way to keep readers guessing! There are of course some entirely invented characters and it’s fun to create names for them that say something about their personalities. For example, Twadell, the Piskie King (from “twaddle” which basically means nonsense or gibberish), or Halwynna, the lady’s maid (deriving from the juxtaposition of “Hal”, the Old English for war chief or army warrior, and “Wynn”, of Welsh origin, meaning fair, pure, blessed).

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