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Meet the Goddesses!

I thought I'd introduce the famous Goddesses that appear in my Fata Morgana series of books. I'm kicking off with one that most will know, Diana the huntress.

The Death of Actaeon by Titian
The Death of Actaeon by Titian

Diana the Huntress by G Seignac
Diana the Huntress by G Seignac

The most famous of the goddesses in the Morgan Le Fay books so far and perhaps the most famous goddess of them all. Originally the Greek Artemis, the goddess of the Moon and the hunt, she was also the goddess of wild animals, forests, and the wilderness, and the protector of women in childbirth and of girls. She is usually depicted as a slender young woman of severe beauty, her hair drawn back or gathered in a knot on her head, wearing a short tunic that falls to her knees and emphasises her athleticism as a huntress, and carrying her famous bow and quiver full of arrows or occasionally (but rarely) a spear. Often accompanied by a deer and a dog, her symbol was a she-bear, similar to the Celtic goddess Artio.

The Romans adopted Artemis as Diana, goddess of the hunt, the mountains and the woods, and the guardian of women and children, but for them she also became the champion of slaves and the poor. In this form, Diana, unlike most of the other ancient gods, survived well into the Christian era. She was considered the foremost goddess of pagans and came to symbolise all that the Church felt it should directly oppose. In Germanic tradition, Diana was the leader of the Wild Hunt, in which she would ride her chariot through the skies during the darkest night of the year, followed by the souls of the dead, in particular the souls of unbaptised children – harking back to her earlier incarnation as a protector of children. This aspect of Diana’s character aligns her with the powerful fairy queens of Celtic, Norse and Anglo-Saxon folklore, making her a direct link between northern European legends and the ancient Mediterranean myths.

Diana by Francesco Haayez Artemide

Appears in Fata Morgana Books I and IV

Read the first chapter for free!

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