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  • Jo-Anne Blanco

Morgan le Fay as Leader

Powerful sorceress. Wicked witch. Benevolent enchantress. Evil crone. Immortal goddess. Demonic villain. Feminist icon. High Priestess. Fairy Queen. Princess, healer, wise woman, mother, sister, lover, enemy. Morgan le Fay is and has been all things to all people, an eternal shape-shifter who has captured the imagination in every form of art throughout the centuries. Loved and hated, admired and feared, she is a character whose origins reach far back into the mists of time, her very name inspiring awe and terror in equal measure.

Morgan le Fay has always been a template for women who do not conform to patriarchal convention – women who wield, pursue and achieve great power – and her treatment in literature and popular culture is more often than not a reflection of society’s attitudes to such women at the time of writing. With the role of women leaders in 21st-century politics very much at the forefront of present discourse, there is one aspect of Morgan le Fay which has received very little scrutiny and yet is particularly pertinent to the age in which we live now: Morgan as leader.

Discover my series about Morgan le Fay

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