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Morgan le Fay: Small Things and Great, First in a Series of Stories Behind the Legend of King Arthur

Morgan. Queen, sorceress, healer, shapeshifter, goddess – she has haunted and captivated the imagination for hundreds of years. But who was she really? And how did she come to be Morgan le Fay, the Fata Morgana, the Feimurgan of Arthurian legend?

The Fata Morgana series takes us right back to the beginning, to Morgan’s earliest childhood rooted in folklore and fairy tale. The first in a series of exciting adventures, Morgan Le Fay: Small Things and Great delves deep into a world of war and turmoil. A world in which mortal and magical realms collide. A world in which children are forced to grow up fast. Morgan’s world. The eldest child of the Duke of Belerion, lord of Tintagel Castle, Morgan’s natural gifts draw her to a powerful ancient force, sending her on a quest that places her young life in peril.

As she becomes embroiled in a timeless feud between faerie kingdoms, we see her embark on her journey towards becoming the Morgan le Fay of myth, armed with her insatiable love of learning, intelligence and wisdom way beyond her years, and extraordinary magic powers that will prove both a blessing and a curse in the years ahead.

Morgan Le Fay: Small Things and Great is available now from the following retailers:

Amazon, in paperback and on Kindle:

Barnes & Noble:


and other international bookstores.

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