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My ideal Fata Morgana Cast

a huge film buff (I did a postgraduate Master of Philosophy in Film Studies), and I love to image who I would cast as the characters in my novels. Do any other writers out there do the same?

I’ll start with the child characters, as they are the most important in Morgan’s life since she is a child herself and they are her friends. They would have to be cast a little older than the children in the books, simply because kids in the early Middle Ages were a lot more mature in their education and thinking than they are today. For now, I’ll just list the characters appearing or mentioned in Book I. Some of the child actors listed here are already too old for the roles now, but they would have been perfect at the right age and thus the casting director would need to find actors of that calibre and similar looks. My ideal cast for Book I would be as follows:

Morgan – Konstanza Firth-Radford

Merlin, Ganieda’s twin – Felix Jamieson (with darker hair)

Ganieda, Merlin’s twin – Pixie Davies (again, with darker hair)

Safir – Alana Mansour (at the age she was when she was in Terra Nova)

Fleur – Siena Agudong (at the age she was when she was in Killer Women)

Taliesin – Billy Jenkins (with very blond, almost white hair)

Anna, Morgan’s sister, Blasine’s twin – Violet Hicks

Blasine, Morgan’s sister, Anna’s twin – Kate Moyer

All these characters can be found in Morgan le Fay Small Things and Great. Out Now.

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