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  • Jo-Anne Blanco

On Writing . . .

This week I thought I'd answer a couple of questions I seem to get asked a fair amount as an author.

1 - How do I overcome writer's block?

Thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet. I seem to suffer from the opposite: an overwhelming surfeit of ideas, stories, and plans for Morgan and her adventures which I have to curtail within the limits of the novel structure. I love both reading and writing long books. Book III, the longest so far, is actually only part of the story I intended to tell in it, but, in the end, I had to divide it into two so that the story continues in Book IV.

If I ever do encounter writer’s block, I’ll probably fall back on what inspired me in the first place and keeps me going: reading and researching legends, fairy stories and folk tales.

2 - Are there any tips that you would like to share with other aspiring authors?

I don’t feel that I’m really qualified to give other writers advice just yet. I’ve been publishing for four years and still feel that I’m learning on the job! What I will say, though, is what works for me: write what you love. And if love isn’t necessarily the feeling you have about your subject, write what you feel strongly about. Writing should be a joy and/or a solace; something uplifting and heartening that you look forward to and can’t wait to get back to when you have to be away from it. It should never be a chore or something that you dread.

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