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The Origins of Morgan le Fay: Morgan and Island Goddesses

In her earliest incarnations, Morgan is the ruler of a magical island, similar to Circe and Calypso of Homer’s Odyssey, and to Niamh of the Golden Hair in Celtic mythology, fairy queen of the magical island of Tír Tairngiri (“Land of Promise”).

Calypso Receiving Telemachus and Mentor in the Grotto (1791) William Hamilton

Morgan dwells on the Island of Apples, known as the ‘Fortunate Isle’ or Avalon, where she is the most powerful of nine sisters, recalling the nine Muses of antiquity. She is learned above all others, gifted with the arts of healing and herb lore. She can change her shape, fly through the air, appear at will anywhere she wishes, and is a leading scholar of astrology and mathematics. She is a goddess and sorceress in the classical literary mode; the otherworldly queen of her own realm, who heals the wounded Arthur and grants him immortality.

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