• Jo-Anne Blanco

Warrior Women of Arthurian Legend

Joan of Arc by John Gilbert

Despite warrior women being a mythic motif of ancient Celtic culture, there are very few female warriors in Arthurian legend. There are certainly many fascinating and complex female characters, but few of them took up arms or were renowned for their fighting skills like their Celtic counterparts. My research into my Fata Morgana book series which spans the life of Morgan le Fay – a true warrior in her own way and her own right – has taken me down numerous and unexpected paths, revealing many of the more obscure and fascinating tales of Arthurian legend. Although there are no female Knights of the Round Table in the same tradition as Celtic women warriors such as the historical Queen Boudicca and Elen Lluyddog or the mythic Scáthach and Aífe, in a few of these lesser-known stories there are women who distinguish themselves as warriors and/or questers and it is perhaps time that a light should be shone upon them.

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