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Morgan is a little girl who lives in Tintagel Castle by the sea, loved and sheltered by her noble parents, the Duke and Duchess of Belerion. An extraordinarily clever child, extremely sharp-eyed, exceptionally curious. A little girl unlike other children.
One stormy night a ship is wrecked off the coast, bringing with it new friends – Fleur the princess from a far-off land, Safir the stowaway with a secret, and the mysterious twins Merlin and Ganieda. Morgan’s visions of another world awaken her to the realisation that she can see things others cannot. That she has powers other people do not possess.

Not long afterwards, Morgan encounters Diana, the Moon Huntress, who charges her with a dangerous mission that only she can accomplish. With Merlin by her side and unsure if he is friend or foe, Morgan must venture far from home to enter the realms of the Piskies and the Muryans, warring tribes of faeries who vie for the souls of lost children. There she must summon her magic to fight the most ancient powers in the world, to rescue a young soul destined to be reborn …

 ‘This is a lovely re-telling of the Arthurian legend from a different point of view. Beautifully written… recommended for fans of traditional fantasy.’

Airborn Press


‘Highly readable… engaging throughout. An exciting first exploration of an intriguing world.’ Breakaway Reviewers


‘If you have a heart for fantasy, magic and adventure then you will love this. Morgan Le Fay is exceptional in more ways than one!’

The Rebel Christian


‘Blanco’s world-building is spot on as she recast traditional Arthurian elements to suit her tale.’

Chris Schmitz, author

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