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By Jo-Anne Blanco

The Fata Morgana Series is an epic series of novels chronicling the life and times of Morgan le Fay. The series follows Morgan’s eventful life from her earliest childhood to womanhood, beginning in post-Roman Cornwall and continuing in early medieval Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Brittany, against a backdrop of constant war and tremendous upheaval. Later novels will take her even further afield, to Gaul, Hispania, the lands of the Mediterranean, the Byzantine Empire, the Holy Land, the Persian Empire and beyond.


Morgan’s studies, travels, and exciting experiences in the mortal world are intertwined with her thrilling adventures in supernatural realms and faerie courts across the earth, her encounters and conflicts with capricious gods and fallen angels, and her own ascendance to extraordinary power and immortal legend.

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Morgan is a little girl who lives in Tintagel Castle by the sea, loved and sheltered by her noble parents, the Duke and Duchess of Belerion. An extraordinarily clever child, extremely sharp-eyed, exceptionally curious. A little girl unlike other children.
One stormy night a ship is wrecked off the coast, bringing with it new friends – Fleur the princess from a far-off land, Safir the stowaway with a secret, and the mysterious twins Merlin and Ganieda. Morgan’s visions of another world awaken her to the realisation that she can see things others cannot. That she has powers other people do not possess.

Not long afterwards, Morgan encounters Diana, the Moon Huntress, who charges her with a dangerous mission that only she can accomplish. With Merlin by her side and unsure if he is friend or foe, Morgan must venture far from home to enter the realms of the Piskies and the Muryans, warring tribes of faeries who vie for the souls of lost children. There she must summon her magic to fight the most ancient powers in the world, to rescue a young soul destined to be reborn …

A Storm is Brewing . . . 

Brothers Ambrosius and Uther Pendragon have landed in Belerion with an army raised to fight High King Vortigern. Supporters of the High King gather at Tintagel, seat of Morgan’s father the Duke of Belerion, as they prepare for battle. Ominous clouds of war hang over the castle, treachery lurks in the shadows, and rumours abound that Ambrosius is being aided by a powerful dark force from the past …

Since Morgan’s encounter with the Piskies and the Muryans, the faerie tribes have united against her, vowing revenge. Meanwhile, her powers are growing faster and stronger, her dreams and visions more potent. On Samhain night, when the veil between the worlds becomes thin, Morgan resolves to summon Diana the Moon Huntress to her once again, with terrifying and tragic consequences …



Book III


In the aftermath of Ambrosius’ attack on Tintagel Castle, young Morgan is sent away to the fortress of Dimilioc with her family, friends and tutor. But when bandits ambush their party, Morgan gets lost in the forest with nothing but her wits and her magic powers to rely on.

In her battle for survival, Morgan faces a cruel, hostile world that is suspicious, afraid and jealous of her magic. Silver-tongued faeries who are not what they seem. Vengeful Piskies and Muryans holding her friend Ganieda captive. Angry Giants and Spriggans who have awakened in the earth. And the ever-present threat of Ambrosius and his army, waiting to strike again...

To rescue her friends and outwit her enemies, Morgan must draw upon all her gifts, magic

and mortal, in a perilous journey that will test her strength, faith and loyalty to the utmost...

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